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Competitive spirit is cherished among gaming enthusiasts in tournament battles. They start weekly for gamers of various ranks and captivate with large cash prizes. The duration of the competitions ranges from a couple of days to several weeks. Throughout this time, participants compete for a prize position in the leaderboard to claim the top prize. It reaches $10,000, so there is an incentive to compete.

Vavada offers four tournament formats in its arsenal.


Organized for all willing to compete for cash. You'll need to place bets on games from the list, catch getning combinations, and multiply your gets to take the leading position in the rankings. The top 150 leaders share a total amount of $65,000.

Cash Tournament

Held for players who have reached at least the bronze level. For the online moves, participants are given the same number of chips. They use them in games from the provided list. If the spins do not bring the necessary get, it is allowed to buy more chips, but no more than twice. The top 100 ranking participants take home $25,000.

Games Tournament

A battle for VIPs. In this contest, grandmasters use all their experience and concentration because victory can only be achieved using one simulator. It is chosen at the start and cannot be changed until the end of the competition. Free plays issued are used for moves. They are allowed to buy additional spins twice. The prize pool is $25,000.

BMW Tournament

A new competition for all who wish to test their luck in the fight for German quality cars. From October 30th to November 11th, five cars from Bavaria plus a cash prize are up for grabs. The first event is almost over, so get ready for the next ones. Among them:

  • Free Spin Tournament for Silver players. Starts on October 13th. BMW Series 3 and $20,000 are at stake.
  • X-Competition. Kicks off on October 16th. BMW Series 1 and $65,000 are up for grabs.
  • Free Spin Battle for Gold rank. Join the tournament page from October 27th. The prize is BMW Series 5 and $25,000.
  • Tournament on games for Platinum players. Starting from November 10th. Lucky players will get BMW X5 and $25,000.

Which car you manage to get depends on your efforts and luck. The main thing is not to miss the chance.